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Your phone and wireless router possible effect on how you feel.

Growing concern about the radiation levels from 5G towers, cell phones and routers lead me to invest in a radiation meter. This assessment allowed me to accurately record the radiation levels in my home, so that I can a devise a solution to reduce exposure. It’s difficult to just go by what you read on the internet because you never know what hidden agendas may exist. On the instructions of your cell phone, they suggest that you keep your phone 3 feet away from your body to reduce radiation exposure. After my testing was complete, my new router that accommodates 5G recorded the highest in my home. I immediately purchased a router radiation cover from amazon for less than $35. After running the test again, the radiation exposure was reduced by 95%. You should never install a router in sleeping areas of your home. Also, never sleep with your phone under your pillow or within 5 feet of where you sleep. If it’s a must, buy a radiation sleeve for your phone that cost less than $40. After installing the radiation cover, I did notice reduce internet speeds which was depressing. I decided to move the router to the basement to distance from areas of the home where we most frequent. I trade online and the reduced internet speeds was not an option. The reason I mention this, is because proximity to your phone and router disrupts sleep and can cause acute insomnia.

When you don’t get quality sleep, our organs can’t repair themselves adequately to optimum levels. When your organs are not well rested, this makes the process of restoration much more cumbersome. Fighting off disease and infection is significantly reduced. In addition, our quest to establish quality communication in our relationships become more challenging. Let me quickly get back to my study. Here are the three areas of your home, based on my own testing that you should be concerned with. The new 5G compatible phones when playing a you tube video recorded highest at 22 v/m. The older I phone that I still have, recorded about 12 v/m when playing a video. The second was my router that recorded 16v/m. Anything over 10 v/m is considered harmful based on my research. My smart meter that was installed by my power company on the exterior of my home was also 16v/m. If you live within 50 yds of a 5G tower, you should have the levels tested in your home and consider a plan of action. There are other solutions like radiation proof paint can also help significantly reduce exterior exposure from 5G towers. Most important thing out of my testing is be careful how close you keep your phone to your body. The new 5G capable phones is like walking around with a router in your pocket. I'm not just throwing around arbitrary numbers. 5G is exactly 100 times more powerful than 4G, so really be careful about it's placement.

Here is a list of health related ailments that long term exposure to radiation can cause. Sleep deprivation, cancer tumors, irritability, lack of energy, headaches, blurred vision and more. We live in a technology world, so trying to escape radiation is like trying to escape oxygen. Taking steps to reduce exposure can improve the way you feel about yourself and your relationship.

Edward Cunningham

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