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Woman vs Lady

Before I get started, let me disclose that my differentiation between woman and lady is used figuratively. It is not my intent to suggest that a woman who wears a mini skirt from time to time while out with the girls is not a lady. Being a lady is a mindset not necessarily represented in the clothes that she chooses to wear. I will say that in some cultures 100's of years ago "woman" was often used to described less educated females. When my daughter turned 18, she became extremely jubilant and started to tell me all the fun things that she will begin to have access to that have age restrictions. I told her that becoming a woman is more of a chronological accomplishment that she should be proud of. I also told her that being a lady is all about mindset and decision making. She said explain yourself Dad. A true lady’s energy flows with nature, like a water fall off a mountain top. It has no beginning and has no end. The reason is because positive energy can never be destroyed, it can it can only be transferred. A lady’s true sexiness is displayed in her intellect. She is conscious and fully aware that legacy is not based on what she does for herself, but rather in the things that she does for others. She can move without walking and speak without talking, through frequency, vibration and energy. Her graceful movements seldom attract men who don’t have confidence. Womanizers in particular, don’t like confident lady’s because of their capacity to expose chinks in their armor. She has an aura that is impervious to weak men who have no direction or purpose. She seeks a man not for his money, but demands that he has some. This is not because she needs it, but rather to demonstrate that he understands that wealth is not determined based on what you earn, but rather what you save. She listens more than she talks, because the words that she chooses to use represents a paragraph. Rarely does she dress provocative to attract the opposite sex. Her standards and parameters are revealed early in the process of dating to the point that she never waivers or capitulates in hopes of things getting better. She understands the difference of being lonely vs being alone. Feeling lonely is often a chemical and psychological imbalance, but being alone is social designation. She would rather be alone in peace, than to have someone who does not satisfy the primary things in her relationship criteria that causes grief and stress. When a gentleman is making an assessment on an interesting prospect, his approach is always dictated by the manner in which a woman carry’s herself. If he is looking for immediate fun, than a woman is often high on the list. If he's looking for someone to start a family with, a lady is typically high priority. When approaching a lady, his actions are often much more strategic and calculated because of how astute she is. Provocative clothing although entertaining to the eye sometime gives an appeal of being thirsty for attention or possibly low self esteem. This is often blood in the water for the womanizer as he begins to set the stage for a materialistic show down, until he gets what he wants. A lady dresses sexy but she packages her physical gifts behind her intellect. A woman places her physical gifts in front of her intellect. Always remember that women attract men but lady’s attract gentlemen.


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