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Why some people are financially independent and others never come close.

Mark Twain once said "don't let your schooling interfere with your education." Success is nothing but an attitude. It does not require a degree, skin color, ethnicity or significant savings. Poor people think about money and jobs, middle income people think about money and positions, rich people think about investments and the next generation and wealthy people think about maintaining power and influencing the next society. Have you ever wondered why you work so damn hard and never have anything to show for it. Let me quickly explain. We live in a system of Capitalism in other words “Free Enterprise”. I call it “COMMUCAP” which is an acronym I created that stands for communism/capitalism. Our system is so regulated that it’s not true free enterprise because it actually contains elements that are consistent with a communistic government. I’m still happy to be apart of the system just wanted to make a point. Mark twain once said that “ He who chooses not to read good books has absolutely no advantage over one who can’t read”. My twist to the quote is “He who lives in a system of capitalism and refuses to explore primary or secondary business and or investment opportunities in which they control has no economic advantage over someone who lives in a system of communism.” Understand that 10% of the people in America control 90% of the wealth. Another interesting fact, is most are business owners, investors and trust babies. If you are to remain financially competitive in our society, it is imperative that your income grow at least 10% per year. Let me explain, the average employee if they are lucky receives on average 3% raise per year. Your employer may label that as COLA or cost of living adjustment. The reason for this adjustment is because our economy by design is suppose to have about a 3% deficit per year which is the primary reason as to why we have inflation. Before you take the family out to dinner to celebrate your recent pay increase. You must realize that if it’s 3% or lower you are just staying pace with the rate of inflation. If this sounds familiar, like many Americans you are probably running like hell on an economic treadmill. You are running and sweating but the scenery never changes. You take the same cheap vacations to Florida and the Bahamas every year and call it international travel. The scenery never changes because you are probably comfortable, content and the fear of failure hovers over you like a b-2 bomber. I’m not insinuating that a job is bad because most of us have or had one at some point in life. I’m challenging you to think outside the box and enhance or create a legacy that is transferable. One of my clients was a security guard at the local mall but he owned 5 houses that gave him residual income that exceeded is w-2. Many people want success but lack the mental stamina to sustain. Successful people work with an attitude. They understand that failure is a prerequisite not a curse. If your desire to be successful is not on the same parallel as your desire to breathe or even have sex than it will never work. Stay where you are because it’s a whole lot easier. Many people run in the opposite direction because they can’t cope with the pain that’s associated with the endeavor. You tuck your head and hide under the desk and hope that no one sees your pain. The tears have filled your sole like a bucket in a thunderstorm. You thought the bachelor degree was suppose to make everything better. News flash! The degree is a certificate of achievement not a certificate of financial freedom. They say that a healthy man averages about 300 million sperm per full ejaculation. The interesting thing is less than 100 actually gets opportunity to create a life. I did not make the rules I just try to abide by them. If god made conception this arduous and difficult why do you think your pursuit of success is going to be any different. Every blessing that one receives is preceded by some degree of pain and suffering. God does not give you what you pray for, he only gives you what you can manage. If you can't manage the money that you have why would he bless you with more. If you can't work on being a better person, than life won't grant you access to having more. Life operates off of very specific laws. The one that I’m referencing are the laws of reciprocity. What we receive in life is in direct proportion to the energy and attitude that we exude on a daily basis. Lastly, please remember that your job is what you are paid to do but your work is what you are born to do. Your true success and legacy will never have true foundation unless you can find what I call the (3) PPP. Purpose- Passion - Capacity. Once you find your purpose, it must be energized with your passion, once you have established passion you get it to grow through adding capacity. I ask you what is your purpose, who have you influenced, who have you given your time and not expected a payment. The human brain in my opinion is some of gods best work so don’t waste it basking in mediocrity. Take a chance at something because all of our days are numbered.

Edward C

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