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Why 2030 will likely have the highest percentage of single age (50) women in the last 2000 years.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

In my book “RECIPROCITY” I devoted an entire chapter on this subject. Just in case you have not noticed. We are currently in the middle of a social paradigm shift that has been evolving for the last 80 years. It's going to take some time for masculine energy and feminine energy to re-synchronize its energies and agendas to compensate for evolution of the 21st century professional woman. Over the years women never realized that all of the jewels on the crown of humanity was already in

their possession. For thousands of years, women were raised and taught that a woman’s place was in the home. Women have grown through education and evolved in our political landscape one inch at a time. Women came to realize, that they have been bamboozled over the last 2000 years and beyond. Men were given tremendous credit satisfying the woman’s primary needs which were (water, food, shelter, and clothing.) These were important tools for a woman to adequately utilize her nurturing skills. As the old timers would say “someone to bring home the bacon”. The average woman was socially conditioned to a domestic roll that lacked congruence. Women grew the family by having an average of 4 children or more for most of the 1900’s. As propagation shifted in full gear, the average household was approx 6 or more including the adults. Henry Ford had already sold over 8 million cars before the 19th amendment was signed and ratified in year 1919 giving women the right to vote. Black women for most of the deep south had to wait even longer as a result of the denial of voter registrations, poll tax, and barred from ballot boxes etc. It was not until 1965 that black women were allowed to vote without any resistance with the passing of the voters right act. Many women sacrificed and placed their own personal dreams and aspirations on the perimeter of their domestic life to facilitate the primary needs of family. Most women took on full time positions managing domestic activity that consist of raising their family, cooking, cleaning, homework and managing the roll of psychiatrist, psychologist, economist, tutor, nurse etc. These are some of the internal domestic responsibilities that one takes on when raising children and establishing effective domestic culture. Something happened suddenly that caused the domestic “richter scale” to tip beyond the comfort level. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Dec 7, 1941. This forced the US into world war II. Most men were faced with making the daunting decision on the draft and entering the war. US had no other choice because Japan and Germany were getting out of control. If we did nothing, I assure all of you that you would be speaking German or Japanese right about now. Men were being drafted at record numbers and women were recruited to work in the factories that their men vacated to assist with manufacturing, ammunition, weapons, planes and ships. Women for the first time in modern history got a real taste of becoming a significant income earner out of necessity. The war ended after the US dropped (A) bombs on Hiroshema and Nakisaki in 1945 which effectively caused Japan to capitulate. Capitalism shifted in high gear and the need for the working class grew rapidly. This was the birth of what we now call the (baby boomers). There was such a national fear of a world war III, that couples began to accelerate propagation exponentially on the fear that their families would be annihilated in a nuclear disaster. This time frame was significant because it's the first time that women entered the workforce in mass numbers. Single women during the 50’s and 60’s were often perceived by society as damaged goods. Fast forward to 2022 and women now realize that there is a significant difference in being single vs being alone. Singleness is just a social designation, feeling lonely is more of a chemical imbalance. This social dynamic has caused me over the years to modify my own relationship approach domestically if I wanted to maintain a healthy relationship. Today many men unfortunately are still trying to navigate in 21st century relationships by using their grandfather’s relationship template. This consist of what I call the golden rule. “HE WHO HAD THE GOLD GOT TO RULE”. Today, women have their own gold and view the average man’s income more like sky miles on your credit card. They really don’t need it, but if it’s there they will use it. Women don’t need men to buy homes, investments, cars, travel, jewelry or clothes. This has caused disruption in what I call domestic polarity. Many women have taken the approach that I would rather be alone than capitulate to inadequacies in some male prospects. So, they have chosen to sit it out which is the basis of this article. The reason 2030 is significant is because most Millennials will be turning 50. If a man wants to have a functional relationship today, he has (2) basic choices of prospects. Either pursue the lower hanging fruit who’s needs are more traditional but may lack the intellectual sparing that’s necessary for his own cerebral growth. This is the woman who defines a good man as someone who loves her and pays bills. This is important to her because often her lifestyle is still dependent upon her mate. Second choice is to pursue a professional woman who does not need you for your money and resources. The question I get from most men, how do you satisfy this new professional woman of the 21st century. The first thing to do is eradicate the old perception of what you thought a woman was and rebuild through the study of yourself and her needs. Before I get started it’s not all men that are the problem it’s the women too. Feminine energy is not a gender, it's a vibrational frequency that exist in 90% of the women. The feminine energy does not just want love, affection, attention and praise but rather it’s a requirement much like the way your car needs gasoline. Grandma needed the same thing but she sacrificed her personal needs to get the fundamental needs necessary to raise a family such as water, food, shelter and clothing. I identify this in my book as level one needs of man and woman. Do you know how many times I would here growing up on the perimeter of a womans chatter, they would say girl you need to find a man with a good job and benefits. Well the 21 century professional has her own benefits. This new woman of the 21 century has a thirst for a man who is capable of controlling situations and circumstances but not her. Situations and circumstances that she has no interest or rather defer. The desire to have a man who does not argue against full transparency but demands it. This is not for the purpose of controlling her, but he realizes that transparency is the epicenter his entire program. Without it, the woman in his life will never have the certainty that she desires. A man who lives with a purpose, passion and daily expansion of mental capacity. A man who exudes a respectful swagger that know what he wants and when he wants it. The type of man that has no fear of ever getting dirty cutting grass replacing a toilet etc. Not because he can’t pay someone, but rather to demonstrate that he will never shy away from challenge. A man who speaks without talking and moves without walking. A man who is capable of extracting all of her fears and take her to another place sexually that she has never been before. It’s important for feminine professional women to understand to never let your money change who you are. Men wake up looking for a woman who smiles, vibrant and free. Your perception will always become your reality. There are many good men that exist in this world, but maybe your degree has propelled you to think that "Thomas" the smart Hansome and rugged electrician that has no problem with full transparency and makes 200k a year is beneath you. Maybe you are single because you are uncomfortable introducing "Thomas" to your sorority sisters to satisfy your own insecurities. Your degree makes you no smarter than Thomas. If you think there are no good men, there never will be. Masculine energy responds to challenge and feminine energy responds to praise and attention. The more masculine energy you exude the more uncomfortable he becomes. Men require challenge in order to receive acknowledgement. Give your man space and the autonomy to make decisions without interruption. When a man starts to feel like he is being emasculated he will start to make excuses to be in your presence. Lastly, change the venues that you frequent and open your mind to knew possibilities. Attend equestrian events, learn golf, join a country club, attend art festivals and non profit org. Eagles don't hang in chicken coops. For more info buy the book “RECIPROCITY” where all books are sold.

Author Edward Cunningham

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