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Wednesday Tip Of The Week

Stop trying to keep score in your relationship by saying I'm doing 90% and my partner is only doing 50%. Who designated you to become the relationship statistician through a lens that you created. Your relationship was not intended to be based on a barter system. Your job is to be the best version of yourself you can be. The little things mean everything. Make arrangements this weekend on a non holiday or birthday and take some one you love on a quiet dinner for (2) with white table cloth and candle light preferably. Look them in the eyes and let them know how much you appreciate their existence. Don't keep score and be consistent. It is not your responsibility to manage what they do for you, it's your job to manage what you do to improve yourself. Put your negative energy in a plastic bag, put in the trash and never look back. The world will pay you what you give it.

Edward Cunningham

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