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Last week, my wife and I traveled to a very remote resort in Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands. We had a fantastic time. Let me first set the stage. This area of the island takes about a half hour to get to because it’s so remote and no public access. It’s nestled at the base of the mountains with nothing around. No stores, no shopping, no excursions and cell phone coverage was challenging to say the least. It was the most majestic beach fronts I have ever experienced.

When we returned, a friend asked us to tell them some of the fun things we did there. We said, we spent a lot of quality time talking with each other watching the shore line, walking the beach, swimming in the pool and getting our energies frequencies and vibrations the mental support necessary to keep novelty in our relationship. The earths magnetic field when measured by Dr. Schumann many years ago measured at 7.83 hertz. The most fascinating thing about our energy is the fact that human consciousness is also measured at 7.83 hertz. This is the basis of reciprocity. Believe it or not, my wife is not the direct recipient of my energies, she is the beneficiary. Our connection to this amazing communication power grid gives us the things we are most in tune with. In order to receive optimum communication spiritually and synchronize our energies with the world, 5 elements have to be present. Nature, serenity, tranquility, honesty and a willingness to change. Relationships that are out of synch with the world often require big events to receive acute satisfaction. In most cases, it is unsustainable because the events ultimately control the narrative. I am not suggesting that the events are not a good thing, but everything in life requires balance. The point that I’m making is the fact that remote destinations forces communications. Not only with your mate, but with the world. What we receive in life is in direct proportions to the energy that we give out. If you can’t do that on a consistent basis, you could end up with a very serious relationship deficiency that needs to be rectified before your candle burns out. The little things are not some things, they are everything.

Please remember > "in order to discover new oceans, one must first develop courage to lose site of the shore". I HAVE ATTACHED A VIDEO BELOW ON THE CURRENT BLOG.

Thanks for your support !

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