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"Buckle your seatbelts a financial crash is coming".

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

It may be a good time to consider investing in hard assets such as real estate, copper and lithium. 401K are not insured by the FDIC. FDIC only covers 250K in your bank and the rest is exposed. I posted this two years ago that this time would come. Save your money and stop partying. Our financial system has run out of resources to prevent it from crashing. Our inflationary rate is the highest in 30 years and oil won't come down anytime soon. This will cause everything to skyrocket to hyperinflation. Many people may not realize that our country borrows money to pay its debt and uses income taxes to pay the bills. Our debt is now over 27 Trillion dollars. It would behoove of you to stock up on food and water because this will not be your traditional recession that occurs every 10-12 years. This will be historic. Malls are becoming flea markets, class (A) office space has a 20% vacancy rate, as a result of the increasing trend of telecommuting. Other countries are not as enthused to buy US bonds the way they have in the past. Buy a house now before you are priced out of the market. What we are about to embark on is not a normal recessionary cycle. This is the perfect storm. Federal reserve can't use interest rates, quantitative easing or continue money printing like in the past. Our fractional reserve banking system has run its course and has to be reset. When you hear this on the news you are already late to the party. Lastly, please remember that the same 7 companies who control the news also have their hands on banking. SMART MONEY ALWAYS MOVES FIRST.

Edward C. (Please be advised that this is not investment advice but an informational blog)

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