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5 Things men must know to capture the attention of the 21st century professional woman.

One Saturday morning while shopping in the garden section of Home Depot. I noticed that the

majority of the patrons were women. Let me be clear, I don’t mean shopping for flowers and plants. I'm talking about the big stuff. Carts of top soil, mulch, grass seed, fertilizer and lawn mowers. Inside women were walking around with Ryobi drills and hammers. I came home and told my wife. I said hunny, if only the trail blazers of the woman’s suffrage movement could see what women are doing today, they would probably do back flips while standing in place. A single woman prior to the 90’s was often perceived by society as being defective merchandise. As a result, she often capitulated and became exclusive with someone that was more of an acquired taste in lieu of remaining steadfast to her value and belief system. There are a growing number of professional women, who have come to realize, that they have always worn the crown of humanity and refuse to capitulate to inadequacies of some male prospects. The changes in love covenants, have given birth to a woman who has no interest in going back to the often oppressive, marginalize and disenfranchised life style that inhibited cerebral growth. It was never about the merchandise but more about the customers. The tipping point of women understanding, that there is a distinct difference in being alone vs being lonely has arrived. The feeling of being lonely is often a psychological imbalance, but being alone is a social designation. Women of today are watching youtube learning how to execute projects around the home and adapting to alternative life styles. Frustration of women being abused and cheated on countless times over the years, has caused many women to no longer trust the process and rather be alone. Many others have chosen to be more patient and selective when evaluating potential prospects. Don’t get me wrong, I believe we all are wired to seek companionship to support propagation. What are they suppose to do when the pool of potential prospects are often navigating off obsolete love covenants. As a man, who has studied the subject as an attempt to better myself over the last 25 years, allows me to try and empathize to what some of the communication failures maybe. Number (1) The professional woman does not need a man’s money, but she prefers that you have some investments or cash reserves, so that you are not purging her of valuable resources. She wants you to demonstrate that you know the difference between wealth and income. Wealth is based on what you save, but income is based on what you earn. Stop trying to use new cars and pick up lines to get the attention of the professional woman because it has lost its luster. It is no longer an effective stimuli to get attention. If you earn a 100k a year and have no savings or assets, by definition you are borderline poverty. Number (2) If you are over 40 and your credit scores have never been over 580, this is not good. She processes this as an individual, who is most likely financially irresponsible and building wealth with you may be challenging. Number (3) Your income and intellect preferably, needs to be congruent with hers to give the necessary intellectual sparing that contributes to cerebral growth. Let me also add that you don’t have to hold a degree in anything to be intelligent. If you are 30 or under, I would say that a small exception would be granted considering most people are just discovering what their purpose is at this age. If you are transitioning, this is often ok for the short term, but she will need you to demonstrate vision and the ambition to do better. The failure to do so, could be indicative of an unambitious man, which will inevitably cause her financial and mental strain over time. Number (4) Your relationship with her will never be a dictatorship but rather a democracy. Number (5) Understand that the feminine energy is a storm of emotions that often has a desire for comfort and certainty. This can only be accomplished if you have vision, ambition and purpose that is capable of giving maximum certainty. When a woman has certainty, she will give you her love. When she does not have certainty, she will often over compensate and experience some sort of an emotional burn out. This will cause disruption in the relationship polarity, which will over time have impact on quality intimacy. Certainty is best accomplished by relinquishing access to all aspects of your life. The more you hold on to, the more it limits what you receive. If you are a man reading this blog please don’t get confused. The feminine energy will often ask you to do things that it really has no interest. Masculine energy has to evaluate and decide if you should keep the ball or punt. The feminine energy has no interest in a man who acquiesce to everything his woman ask him to do, which can be even worst.

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