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5 Resolutions to restore fire and juice to your relationship in 2023.

Updated: Jul 30

1. Liberate your mind from the shackles of bad experiences.

Remember, whatever you came into this world with is what you were meant to have. Pain unfortunately is a part of the process. Bad relationships and experiences have a purpose. They give us a reference point. The reference point has an impact on our decisions and the decision has impact on our behavior. If you don’t learn to smile again it is unlikely that you will ever attract anything that has positive energy. Ultimately, we become what we think about through frequency and vibration. Have the experience and never judge what shows up. It is impossible to love in fear.

2. Change your relationship from the laws of quid pro quo to the laws of reciprocity. Quid Pro Quo does not work long-term in relationships because it operates off biased scoring systems which you made up. Try to operate off the laws of reciprocity. Focus your scoring system on being the best version of yourself you can be through daily self-assessments. What you do for your mate should never be based on what they do for you. This model is energy driven because humans are wired to reciprocate like energy through vibration.

3. Relationships don’t end because of the lack of love they end because of the lack of quality intimacy. Remember that juicy seductive intimacy is fueled primarily by the production of dopamine at the epicenter of our reward pathway. Predictability kills it but being unpredictable fuels it. Learn new positions, study anatomy, buy some toys, utilize different areas of the house, take a trip, and date frequently. If your partner knows everything you are going to do before you do it, you are asking for trouble as it relates to heightened intimacy.

4. Men I have no other way to say it, but every woman has a love reserve tank that she uses to store the best parts of her for the right person. You may think you have all of her, but you probably don’t because it’s triggered by the level of transparency that she receives. This is required because she is wired to establish certainty. If a woman does not have transparency, she can never establish certainty. I know this is not going to be popular for many, but I want to be candid about what works for me. When I gave my wife from the beginning access to everything, I own including phones, cloud storage, social media, insurance policies, and banking she knew I was serious. In return, she had no other choice but to unleash a love that I was unfamiliar with. The type of love that cries when you cry. The type of love that gets hungry when you get hungry, the type of love that has no beginning and has no end. It could not have been accomplished by going to separate rooms to answer my cell phone etc. Lastly, focus less on chasing the dollar and focus on loving her the way she wants to be loved. Copious amounts of love, affection, attention, and praise on a daily basis.

5. Women don’t let their income change who they are. If your core is feminine then stay in your lane otherwise, you could throw off what I call domestic polarity. In other words, support your man and give him the autonomy to make decisions without interruption. Men are wired for the challenge so that they can receive an acknowledgement. Acknowledgment establishes a feeling of greater relevance. Never use sex as a leverage tool.

Edward C

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