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3 Ways to expose a womanizer.

One morning while traveling to New York to drop my daughter off for her freshman year at St Johns University. I started to talk to her about 3 ways to identify a womanizer because their activity in many cases is so insidious that it's difficult to detect. They operate almost stealth like. I said hunny, did you know that an octopus is one of three creatures in the world that can not only change its color, but also change it’s texture. Their purpose is to make you believe that they are

a beautiful coral reef or a beautiful sandy bottom, but they are not. Once you get close enough, they will sting you to a state of paralysis. Well in human life form, we call this creature the womanizer. He is often articulate. His movements are graceful and gives an appearance of being a gentleman. He positions himself just like the person you envision yourself to have a relationship with. A womanizers eyes rarely show emotion much like a psychopath. Their conscious mind is often disconnected from reality. The problem is the fact that he has no intent to travel with you long term on your emotional journey. His primary goal is to purge you of all relevant resources that may include, money, credit, sex, intimacy and assets. I devoted an entire chapter of this creature in my book “Reciprocity”. Number (1) Try to never give your sexual gifts to a man preferably not before 6 months or 3 months minimum of consistent dating. The reason is because the womanizer’s lies don’t stretch that long. He will begin to run out of ammunition and place indirect pressure on you to capitulate to his insidious demands. Remember that the feelings you have for him at this stage are all chemically driven with no bricks in its foundation. You will begin to find inconsistencies in his narratives. Where he was born, lives, assets he claims to have. He will never be available every Saturday night because his time has to be shared with other victims. When a man is into you and committed you will never have to guess. He will modify his entire life as an attempt to try and satisfy your every need. Number (2) The womanizer never answers his phone from an unknown source in your presence. In fact, the use of his phone is strictly prohibited as he designates this as being more like a body part. He will often name drop or have others call him so you can over hear him talk about relevant topics and projects that he has not equity interest. Number (3) Womanizers

most often come from households where insidious activity won the battle over integrity, value and beliefs. Lastly, If you want to make a quick assessment to ones character, pay close attention to how they treat people they don’t need. Decisions are the father of our actions.

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