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Edward Cunningham attended Montgomery College where he Majored in Pre Dentistry. As the evolution of the PC began to gain momentum, Edward later changed his Major to computer science after transferring to UDC. Edward later founded Capital Flooring Services as his desire to develop more personal freedom elevated his natural entrepreneur instincts. Capital Flooring Services employed 10 personnel and admin staff. Edward later founded Kemet Laundromats that consisted of 2 separate laundromats in Wash DC and Maryland. . Edward founded KMT Services LLC, a Government Contracting Firm specializing in Real Estate and IT opportunities with the federal and state government. In the 90’s Edward  founded his own Record Label “Kemet Entertainment” The label had successfully sold records around the world and toured with BET heart and soul magazine to Chicago, Atlanta, New York and Wash DC.  Edward later founded his own Real Estate Brokerage in 2005 and grew the office to the second largest minority brokerage in and around the Washington, DC metro area with 264 agents and 4 admin staff. Edward had interest in his own title company and owned his own real estate school. Edward authored over 10 real estate continuing education classes. Edward management skills did not go unnoticed and was offered a COO position with RHN.TV in 2008. Edward actively trades currency on the forex currency market and stock market while writing several books. Edward currently operates a brokerage and is Vice President of Real Property Acquisitions and Management for RHN.TV. Edward has completed multiple public speaking courses and personality profile training in Mississauga, Canada under the teaching of Doctor Robert Rhome. Edward balances his busy lifestyle by running in the park, boating, skiing, swimming and traveling the world with his wife and son.


I have devoted 20 years of study in the area of love and wealth in my attempt to avoid committing the same mistakes in my personal and business relationships. Please don't forget to register to receive my weekly blogs. You will find them to be insightful and impactful provided you implement many of the relationship strategies that I provided. 


Thanks again for visiting. Edward Cunningham

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